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Even though my art and craft work is born of Japanese traditions, I get much inspiration and energy from other cultures around the world. I believe that each culture is always influenced by many other cultures. For example, my favorite Japanese pattern, "Karakusa," is an arabesque believed to have originated in Greece, then passed on to Mesopotamia. Eventually, it would find its way to the Silk Road, and be changed to suit the tastes of yet another culture.

So in the spirit of sharing cultural ideas, I am happy to arrange a workshop using the Katazome technique--anywhere you like! You can join me in Japan, or invite me to join you in your country. You will learn how to make stencil designs in the Japanese tradition, but as I've discovered with past workshops in other countries, you will use the colors close to your heart, from your own culture.

This is exciting, and creatively stimulating. Most of all, it brings peace and harmony as it unites our cultures.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss a workshop to learn how Katazome will fit nicely in your culture!

Mark textiles