Dignified textiles from Japan.


We would love to share this interesting world of Japanese textiles.
You do not have to wear Kimono but you can enjoy Kimono world.
There used to be many crafts people worked in Kimono industry, not only facing on dyeing and weaving but also others in this backstage. Retaining craftmanship for somehow, we love to introduce you our Kimono remaking home décor accessories.
This wide ranged Japanese design would match a room from luxury to bohemian ethnic styles.



For my textile hunting all over the world, I realized that it’s close by in domestic Japan we have various designs and styles in Kimono textile. I found that it has a diversity world in one category -Kimono.
Even they are called classical or traditional patterns, but once influenced European artists and industrial designers known as Japonisme movements and Art-Nouveau. They are still quite modern designs. They remain widely technics of textiles inside Kimono closets without fresh air for years.
No needs to wear as the costume, there are other ways to be outside for enjoining from Kimono closets. These beautiful resources stay in our country and wait for new lives.



“ARAI-washing” and “YUNOSHI-steaming” are specialized works in Kimono industry beside dyeing and weaving. YUNOSHI work is for steaming on shrank textile after rinsing and then stretching it. Kimono regularly needs “MUSHIBOSHI” to dry out from the closet because preventing mold growth in Japanese damp climate. Recycles smelly Kimonos and Obi belts usually sit in there for years without fresh air. We take to ARAI and YUNOSHI professionals to make relived textiles. You may not care for this kind of careful works but sustaining as small sized business here in Japan. We wish to work with them always.



Hiroko Hirose
After studying Fashion design, and traveling Europe in her early 20s, Hiroko worked in Japan as a packaging designer. Then graduated with a degree in textile dyeing, turned to crafts like natural dyeing and Japanese stencil dyeing using the traditional ways. Then in her hard time worked as a packaging director for a living. Finally left her career in mass-produced-world and focuses on textiles in 2019.

ヒロセ ヒロコ


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